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Booking Engine - Simple Booking - Best booking engine for hotels 

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Simple Booking

Selling online is easy, once you know how

Your guests book with OTAs because they feel comfortable with them. They’re easy to use, intuitive and hasslefree. Is your booking engine the same? Make sure your guests feel comfortable from the first click with a mobile-friendly interface which makes life easier. More direct bookings means fewer commissions. After all, saving is easy.

Things you’ve only dreamed of can be a reality in just a few clicks

Infinite potential

Do you dream of secret offers, geo-localized campaigns and customized solutions? With Simple Booking booking engine reality will exceed all your expectations and increase your direct bookings. Infinite potential is contained in a simple, effective interface. Like the OTAs but all in your own hands.

Try Simple Booking

A brilliant turnkey system

Easy to use for you and all your staff

Training your staff to learn how to use a new software is time and money-consuming. But sooner or later you have to do it. We take care of this step with our “Fast Setup”. Choose our booking engine and start working immediately at full capacity.

Listen to others who’ve been using it for years.

Get to know us

What’s unique about your hotel

The right fit

Not all hotels are equal and it’s impossible to find one solution that fits all. Unless you’re customizing it with Simple Booking: only you know what you really need and Simple Booking is the right, flexible solution that suites your hotel perfectly.

Different hotels, same satisfaction

What our happiest hoteliers say about us 

Thanks to skilled and attentive professionals, over 2 years I have disintermediated, increasing direct sales from booking engines and strengthened the brand

Blu Suite Hotel

QNT supported the entire brand revision, with advice that went far beyond the site redesign. The current conversion rate has increased the bottom line

iQ Hotel

QNT are always available and sharing objectives is the key to developing projects that quickly pay for themselves

Hotel Ercolini e Savi

Creative, reliable and professional in how they reflected the needs for the site, the web marketing and the booking engine

Ponte Vecchio Suites

Reliable, punctual and above all, human. More than a company, this is a team of PEOPLE chosen to understand the needs of our customers and always be ready to solve any request

Grand Hotel Panoramic

The company is represented by competent and very professional people who have stayed with us through every detail, giving an important element to the "communication" of our idea of hospitality

Hotel Le Agavi

We are very satisfied with the professionalism, the competence, the ability to innovate and always propose cutting-edge solutions to increase the visibility of the site

San Ranieri Hotel

We have been collaborating with QNT for a few years: a young team that is prepared, coordinated, proactive and efficient. The results obtained were exciting

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru

Our pleasure

We’d love to hear your ideas. Together we’ll create a strategy. Contact us today.

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